The Artists

Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland is a collaborative multi-media project involving several artists meeting for the first time in Iceland.  

Tim Navis »

Initially purchasing a camera with the intent to document his fine art work, LA-based Tim Navis’ passion for photography was born as the result of chance. Alongside a breathtaking body of model portraits, he has shot a variety of landscapes from the Southern California desert to the outer reaches of Mongolia, and is a firm believer in the inherent adventure of traveling. 

Kim Høltermand »

Born into a family of artists and architects, Danish photographer Kim Holtermand began shooting his signature landscapes and architectural forms a few short years ago as a creative outlet to augment his day job as a fingerprints expert in the Crime Scene Unit of the Danish National Police.  

Deru »

Deru is LA-based Benjamin Wynn, an electronic music producer and composer for television, film, dance and performance art. A graduate of the CalArts music technology program, he has released music with Ghostly International, Merck, Neo Ouija and Mille Plateaux, amongst others.

Scenic »

Founded in Chicago by a group of agency creatives and friends, Scenic is an art & film collective dedicated to collaboratively helping each other produce personal works. It’s members - Anthony Ciannamea, Mark Wisniowski, Ryan Sievert, and Brett Carlson - have years of production experience in video, photography, art direction, visual effects, interactive design, and creative coding.